Paul Johnston Tournament

Jun 21 to Jun 23, 2019

U9 Boys Pool A

ID When/Where Home Score Away
125Fri 6:00pm at WVL 3Bonnie Doon (Manca)N/AOttewell (Malkin)
126Fri 6:00pm at WVL4Forest Heights (Schulz)N/ARitchie (Salva)
127Fri 7:15pm at WVL 3Avonmore (Brown)N/AHardisty (Green)
130Sat 9:15am at WVL2Ottewell (Malkin)N/AHardisty (Green)
131Sat 9:30am at WVL 3Avonmore (Brown)N/AForest Heights (Schulz)
133Sat 1:15pm at WVL4Bonnie Doon (Manca)N/AHardisty (Filice)
132Sat 1:15pm at WVL 3Ritchie (Salva)N/AAvonmore (Brown)
134Sun 9:30am at WVL4Forest Heights (Schulz)N/AHardisty (Green)
135Sun 11:00am at WVL2Ottewell (Malkin)N/AAvonmore (Brown)
136Sun 11:15am at WVL4Ritchie (Salva)N/ABonnie Doon (Manca)
139Sun 1:00pm at WVL 3Ritchie (Salva)N/AForest Heights (Schulz)
137Sun 1:15pm at WVL4Hardisty (Green)N/ABonnie Doon (Manca)

Game times, location and opponents subject to change